Our teachers are the lifeline of our young learners. Let’s show them how much we appreciate them.

Imagine A World Without Teachers!

On average, a teacher spends a minimum of 7 hours each school day with our children. That is more than most parents get to spend with their child due to work, after-school care, or extra-curricular activities. What an impact a teacher has on a child. Now imagine if that teacher is overworked, there is low morale in the school, or even worse…burnout? What do you think the impact will be during the school week? This is why we want to bring a Gift of Happiness to our teachers to show them that they are valued, appreciated, and what they do every day for our children does not go unnoticed. A small gesture of appreciation is received in a very big way. Join us in supporting and honoring our teachers ».


Congratulations Hannah McKellar, you are the 2021-2022 Lowcountry Teacher People’s Choice winner!


Are you a teacher in the Lowcountry? Need something for your classroom? Let us know, and we’ll try our hardest to get it for you.


Are you someone who feels called to serve and give in your community? If you are, we need your help.

We're bringing the Gift of Happiness

To walk into a school with a Gift of Happiness is truly an honor and to see the smile on a teachers face when they receive this gift, it makes it ten times more wonderful.

We are on a (cinnamon) roll...

A few kind words

Hearing happiness from our Teachers, Principal's and Staff bring joy to our hearts

“We only get one chance to prepare children for a world none of us can possibly predict. I ask you this, what are you going to do about it?”

Thank You to our Amazing Partners

We cannot continue to deliver the Gift of Happiness to our local schools without the support of some very amazing partners and leaders.

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